Quang Tri provides Wi-fi coverage at 36 hotspots

The Quang Tri People’s Committee has decided to ratify a project providing public Wi-fi network coverage in the province by 2020. Accordingly, the project will cover 36 hotspots in order to provide information access through Wi-fi for local residents and tourists, as well as create a back-up Internet access channel for local organs and units. It is expected to speed up the application of information and technology, promote the image of Quang Tri, and attract more tourists to the central province. It has a total investment capital of VND2 billion, in which the Viet Nam Military-run Industrial-Telecommunications Group will sponsor the total initial expense to build the management system and service business for two years. Meanwhile, Quang Tri will assist power cost to provide equipment and the location for Wi-fi transmitting devices. The project is realized from January 2018.


Link http://news.c10mt.com/search/label/vietnambreakingnews and http://news.c10mt.com