Quarry blasts wreck walls, doors

In Thừa Thiên- Huế, residents in Hương Văn Ward in Hương Trà District blamed blasts from a quarry for damaging walls in their homes. The quarry supplies material for production of Luks Cement Vietnam located in the district. Trần Thị Thương, a resident, told a newspaper that cracks appeared on all walls of her house. “The turbulence from mining blasts even blew down the doors of my house,” she said. Đỗ Hòa, another resident, said the blasts shook his house, created much dust and filled the air with a bad ordour from explosives. Thương, Hòa and other residents living within 200m of the quarry site, said the blasts had affected their lives with noise and air pollution since 2009. Despite sending petitions to the cement company, no change have been made. Nguyễn Xuân Chinh, the ward’s deputy chairman, confirmed the situation, saying the blasts seemed to be much louder than permitted. “We have worked with the company to ensure there are no blast within 300m of the nearest homes, but it is hard to monitor violations,” he said. Chinh also revealed a plan to evacuate affected residents from the site. In Quảng Bình, residents in Vạn Ninh Commune in the province’s Quảng Ninh District, said dust from a cement plant owned by VICEM Hải Vân Company affected their lives, vegetables and aquaculture. Nguyễn Văn Hùng, a resident, said the dust layer in the air was thick as mist, making it hard to breathe. Other residents near the plant said dust… [Read full story]


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