Seafood sector exports first consignments to key markets in 2018

The Hanoitimes – Vietnam’s seafood exporters on January 14 shipped first consignments worth nearly US$600,000 to traditional and large markets of the United States, Canada and England. Addressing the ceremony, Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, forecast that the fishery sector will have potentials to further grow this year, which will help it create a new mark and surpass the target of US$8.5 billion set for 2018.     The fishery sector expects to have potentials to further grow this year “This year we will encounter many challenges, but will also have opportunities,” Cuong said. According to Cuong, the challenges include getting a “yellow card” sticker on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing by the European Commission and restructuring production and exploitation in a sustainable manner.  However, he said, Vietnam is in the process of implementing a new fisheries law and action programs to lift the warning on Vietnamese seafood about IUU fishing. Cuong said the sector had a good foundation in terms of infrastructure, production methods and organization and was likely to surpass the target set by the ministry of US$8.5 billion. Besides the traditional markets of the United States and the European Union, Vietnamese seafood exporters must also pay due heed to enlarge other potential outlets such as Australia, Japan and the Republic of Korea, Cuong noted. “Indian, Chinese and ASEAN markets are also very good markets, but we have not exploited them much. This year we must focus on ways to better exploit these… [Read full story]


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