Security plan prepared for U23 team final match

The Ministry of Public Security has asked the Department of Police of many cities and provinces nationwide to prepare the plan to ensure the order and security for the final U23 match between Vietnam and Uzbekistan. According to the ministry, hundreds of thousands of people rushed to streets to celebrate following the U23 team’s victory in the quarterfinal and semifinal matches, causing traffic jams in many areas in big cities like Hanoi, HCM City, Danang and Can Tho. To prevent possible disorder, localities have been urged to take preparatory measures, arranging policemen at public places before, during and after the final match scheduled to take place on January 27. Supporters in Hanoi celebrated U23 team’s victory in the semifinal match against Qatar on January 23 Under the instruction, localities have to deploy police force at key spots to deal with theft, security, traffic congestion and particularly vehicle races. The force must be always available for responding to urgent cases. A representative from the Hanoi Department of Police said that the department has arranged the entire traffic police and mobile police force to ensure security and order for the final match with 2,000 officers. Around 800 among those have been assigned for 300 key traffic spots. Meanwhile, 20 teams of mobile policemen have been also set up to patrol main streets in the city centre. Racing, criminal or anti-social activities will be seriously punished.


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