Smuggling, trade frauds remain complex

The online conference was held by the Government’s Anti-Crime Steering Committee (Steering Committee 138) and the National Steering Committee for Combating Smuggling, Trade Fraud and Counterfeit Goods (Steering Committee 389). The Deputy PM highlighted the significant socio-economic achievements in 2017, including the fulfilment of all of the 13 set economic targets, in addition to stabilising politics and security and improving social welfare. However, there were also many unsolved inadequacies, including a cumbersome and inefficient apparatus, unqualified civil servants, and complicated developments in crime, smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods, the Deputy PM noted. The government leader emphasised the important role of the two Steering Committees in detecting, preventing and handling crimes and acts of smuggling and commerce fraud. He also called for joint efforts to find solutions to a number of pressing issues of great concern, including human trafficking, cybercrimes, corruption, child abuse and violence, smuggling, trade fraud, and intellectual property violations, among others. According to the Steering Committee 389, more than 225,830 cases of violations were discovered in 2017, up 1.15% compared to 2016, through which over VND23.1 trillion (US$1.02 billion) was reclaimed for the State budget, up 7.17% against 2016.


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