SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam receives first-class Labor Order

At the ceremony At the event, Do Tien Dung, Country Director of SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam noticed that SOS Children’s Villages International has provided Vietnam with nearly USD 120 million to develop infrastructure in SOS villages in the past 30 years. Among 6,000 children nursed in 17 villages across the country, 2,800 have grown up and landed stable jobs and some 3,100 others are being brought up in SOS villages, he said. The organization has 12 SOS youth facilities, 12 Hermann Gmeiner vocational schools, 16 kindergartens, four vocational training centers and one medical center. Each year, its kindergartens and vocational schools receive about 13,000 students. Particularly, its family strengthening programs have offered financial support for families to nurture and take care of orphan children while prevent children from being abandoned and falling into social vices. Hailing the sound cooperation between Vietnam and the SOS Children’s Villages International in the past three decades, Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung, who is also Honorable President of SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam, affirmed that Vietnam always creates favorable conditions to carry out projects sponsored by the SOS Children’s Villages International. He asked the Vietnamese SOS village to seek effective measures to better off healthcare for children living in special circumstances and equip them with necessary skills and knowledge so that they can easily integrate into society. It should work to further financial support for orphan children in society and raise fund from businesses, organizations and individuals, he highlighted. In 1967,… [Read full story]


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