Sr. Lt. Gen. Luong Cuong works with armed forces of Son La province

At the working session Briefing General Luong Cuong on task performance in 2017 of the province, Hoang Van Chat, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of Son La People’s Council, said that the province led and directed agencies and organizations in the province to implement well all training and combat readiness missions. The province also precisely anticipated the political and security situation in the area and were not surprised by any incidents. Moreover, the provincial armed forces also cooperated closely with relevant agencies to ensure security and social order in the province. General Luong Cuong highly valued achievements gained by the Son La provincial armed force. He asked them to continue to grasp thoroughly and seriously implement resolutions and directives of the higher level on military-defense missions. The General also tasked military forces, the police, and border guard in the area to cooperate closely with one another to firmly maintain national security and social order in the new context. He stressed that the armed forces in the province should also improve the effectiveness of the defense foreign affairs and international cooperation to build the borderline of peace, stability, and development. Translated by Nam Long


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