Sudden parking fee hike raises concerns

Many people are complaining about the higher parking fees in Hanoi that have taken effect since January 1 while the city continues to lack good public transport. New parking fees have taken effect since January 1 Motorbike parking fees have risen from VND3,000 (USD0.1) to VND8,000. The fees for cars are VND50,000 for the first two hours, VND45,000 from the fifth hour and VND300,000 for a whole day. Many parking lots in the centre already collected VND5,000 motorbike parking fee during the day and VND8,000 at night. Nguyen Dao at Dong Da District said, “The parking fees at the National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynaecology are already VND5,000 for motorbikes during the day and VND10,000 at night. I wonder if those places will also increase the fees.” Another local, Nguyen Phuong Lan from Cau Giay District said it would cost them hundreds of thousands of VND just to go to a cafe with friends or for business for a few hours. “I know that the hike is to prevent private vehicles from entering the city’s centre. But in fact, because our public transport system leaves lots to be desired that we still have to use our cars,” she said. A guard near My Dinh Bus Station said their monthly parking slots were full and only received vehicles by the hour now. The parking fees at the majority of apartment buildings and shopping centres haven’t increased yet but it could be just a matter of time. Nguyen Hong in Hai Ba… [Read full story]


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