Tens of thousands take to US streets for Women’s March 2.0

Protesters, part of a 500,000 strong crowd, during the Women’s Rally on the one-year anniversary of the first Women’s March, when millions marched around the world to protest US President Donald Trump’s inauguration, in Los Angeles, California on January 20, 2018. Photo by AFP/Mark Ralston Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of U.S. cities on Saturday for a second Women’s March opposing President Donald Trump on the first anniversary of his inauguration. The demonstrations come one year after more than three million people turned out nationwide to voice opposition to the president, according to a Washington Post estimate. The flagship rally was held in Washington, with sister protests echoing worldwide. The expectations for this year’s marches are more modest than the explosive turnout last year, but the weekend of demonstration aims to keep the momentum of resistance rolling with the theme “Power to the Polls” — a message designed to drive national voter registration and maximize women’s involvement in the 2018 midterm elections, in which a record number of women are standing for election. Marchers gathered en masse in Washington, New York, Chicago, Denver and other cities in the United States Saturday, many donning the famous pink knit “pussy hats,” caps referencing Trump’s videotaped boasts of being able to grope women with impunity. “We went to the first women’s march, but we feel like our work isn’t done and that there’s so much more that we need to fix,” said Tanaquil Eltson, 14, who demonstrated in 2017 and… [Read full story]


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