The Capital city to encourage propaganda on food safety in 2018

The Hanoitimes – The Hanoi Department of Information and Communication has just granted Official Letter No. 21/STTTT-BCXBTT on encouraging propaganda on food safety in 2018. Under the Official Letter, implementing Law on Food Safety and, Directive No. 10-CT/TU dated October 27, 2016 of the Hanoi Party Committee on “Enhancing the leadership of Party Committees at all levels in the task of ensuring food safety in the new situation in Hanoi”, on December 26, 2017, the Hanoi People’s Committee issued Plan No. 253/KH-UBND on food safety in 2018.   Based on the Plan of the Municipal People’s committee and to improve the awareness on food safety of managers, producers, processers, traders and consumers, the Department of Information and Communications requested press agencies to diversify methods of popularizing Law on Food Safety, Decree No. 38/2012/ND-CP of the Government on detailing some articles of Food Safety Law and new regulations. It is necessary to timely enhance the popularization of the action month for food safety, the peak month for food safety, the coordination program on supervising food safety between the Municipal People’s Committee with Vietnam Fatherland Front Committees at all levels, the emulation movement of food safety and prevention of Methanol poisoning and so on. It is essential to give full information about goods as well as facilities producing and trading foods meeting food safety standards and others which do not ensure food safety; strictly implement regulations on food advertisement. Furthermore, departments, sectors and agencies, basing on their functions and missions, are tasked… [Read full story]


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