The highs and lows of 2017 farming

Rice production In the first 10 months of 2017, natural disasters caused damages worth an estimated VND36.51 trillion, or more than US$1.6 billion. The damage affected over 300,000 hectares of rice, vegetables and other crops. Immediately after the storms and floods stopped, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development worked with other ministries to assist farmers in restoring production. As a result, almost 7.7 million hectares of rice were planted nationwide in 2017. Many areas in the central coastal region and the Central Highlands, which experienced a poor crop in 2016, have had a bumper crop in 2017, with their rice production and output increasing 9.7 percent and 10.6 percent over the same period of 2016, respectively. According to the Department of Crop Production, since early 2017, more than 7.7 million hectares of rice have been grown throughout the country (down 26,100ha compared to 2016), with an estimated yield of 5.55 tonnes per hectare (down 30kg) and estimated output of 42.84 million tonnes (down 356,000 tonnes compared to 2016). The cultivation sector’s production value has increase two percent over 2016, with cultivated areas of less efficient crops – rice, maize and short-term cash crops – decreasing by 26,100ha, 52,000ha and 3,000ha, respectively. Cultivated areas of efficient crops – fruit trees and vegetables – increased 50,000ha and 22,000ha. The production structure has been adjusted in accordance with market specifications to bring into full play advantages of each locality and the whole country. A number of key products have carved out niches… [Read full story]


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