The startups with the best capital offers in 2017

1. Tiki, an e-commerce website, received $54.5 million from three investors – VND, from China and STIC from South Korea ranks fourth on the list of e-commerce websites with the highest numbers of visitors. E-commerce in Vietnam has great potential but it is risky because of the cutthroat competition. Many e-commerce firms have left the market. Before the appearance of investors from China and South Korea, VNG was believed to be the biggest shareholder of Tiki with a 38 percent stake. However, as Tiki continuously takes losses, VNG’s capital decreased by VND170 billion.  2. Kyber Network, a startup run by a Vietnamese CEO, made an ICO in September 2017 (initial coin offering). On September 15, Vietnam time, Kyber’s KNC sale began, and by the end of September 18, the sale was completed globally. Kyber Network collected 200,000 Ethereum, equal to $56 million in September and $155 million now. At present, one KNC of Kyber Network is $2-3. The total capitalization value, according to Coinmarketcap, is $333 million. Kyber Network’s ICO was taken seriously because its list of advisors includes Vitalik Buterin, the author of Ethereum. 3. VnTrip, the online hotel room booking tool, after receiving $3 million worth of investment capital from a foreign fund in 2016, received another investment sum of $10 million from Hendale Capital in November 2017. In Vietnam, 48 percent of the population use smartphones to search for information about hotels, while 42 percent search for information about flights. The high proportions are why… [Read full story]


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