Training courses opened for military officers in 2018

An overview of a training course at Division 324 (Military Region 4) * Division 324 (Military Region 4) concluded a training course on specialized knowledge for military officers from five major corps and services in the army. During the course, trainees were equipped with knowledge of line-up regulations, infantry combat skills and specialized knowledge of five major military arms and services. Via the course, officers had chance to improve their competencies in implementing training and combat readiness missions. * Division 361 of the Air Defense and Air Force Service launched a training course for over 170 leaders from its affiliated units. During the course, they were provided with knowledge of the use of air defense force in national protection warfare, electronic warfare as well as Party and political work, logistics and technical work. * Division 304 (Army Corps 2) organized three training courses for its troops. The courses focused on Party and political work as well as military, logistic and technical missions. At the end of the courses, all traineesaccomplished their given tasks with good results. Translated by Minh Anh


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