Uber, Grab under tighter supervision

The Ministry of Transport has submitted the draft of a new circular that includes regulations for passenger transport (by car) through software such as Uber and Grab. “Adjustments in the new circular would like to balance the management of passenger transport with electronic contracts through software such as Uber and Grab and traditional taxis as well as to be appropriate with the demands of practical management,” Minister Nguyen Van The told the Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper. The new circular will request transport companies to meet 10 conditions, including: having a business licence or business registered certification to do electronic business and having certification from the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) confirming that applicants have completed registration (both Uber and Grab haven’t met this requirement yet). Importantly, software providers must sign contracts to provide software using services for transport companies that have transport licences instead of the current co-operation agreements. Transport companies must display their logos at a minimum of 90mm x 80mm in both front and back windows. To ensure tax collection, the circular clearly states that software providers and transport companies must provide all information related to trips and electronic bills to both the passengers’ accounts and the General Department of Tax (GDT), under the regulation of the Ministry of Finance. For enterprises who would like to use electronic bills, the circular requires 11 conditions, including using software which has already been certified by the MoIT, sending electronic bills to the GDT and providing telephone numbers to customers… [Read full story]


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