US-based Vietnamese group classified as terrorist organisation

According to the announcement from the ministry which was posted on its portal on January 30, the “Chinh phu quoc gia Viet Nam lam thoi” (Provisional National Government of Vietnam) was previously known as the “Tan Dan Chu” (New Democracy) organisation. It is headquartered at 2807 Anaheim, California 92814, the US, with a phone number of 7605233011, and maintains websites at,,, and The organisation is led by Dao Minh Quan (Dao Van), a US national in Santa Ana, California, the US. Quan was born on July 27, 1952 in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue and has proclaimed himself as the Prime Minister of the “Provisional National Government of Vietnam.” The “Provisional National Government of Vietnam” was established in the US in 1991 by Quan (a former Lieutenant in the Saigon army), and other puppet factions. In 2015, the heads of the “Provisional National Government of Vietnam” instructed clandestine units in Vietnam to develop forces and establish “volunteer delegations”, seek venues to set up bases, and purchase weapons in preparation for militancy and acts of terror. In 2017, they stepped up their efforts to expand forces, forming such groups as “Phuong Hoang,” “Mang Xa,” “Biet dong quan,” and “Dai Viet,” aiming to terrorise, sabotage, and assassinate officials. Under direction from the heads of the “Provisional National Government of Vietnam”, faction members living in Vietnam perpetrated a petrol-bomb attack, destroying 320 vehicles which had been seized for traffic violations and were stored in a warehouse at the… [Read full story]


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