US Secretary of State visits Europe

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (Source: Xinhua/VNA) As scheduled, Mr. Rex Tillerson will have bilateral meetings in London, Paris, Warsaw and Davos, where he will attend the World Economic Forum alongside President Donald Trump. Mr. Tillerson will meet with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and National Security Advisor Mark Sedwill to discuss bilateral cooperation on such issues as Iran, Syria, Libya, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and Ukraine. He will then travel to Davos, Switzerland, where he will participate in the 2018 World Economic Forum from January 24th-26th. During the forum, he will follow US President Donald Trump’s schedule of meetings. On January 26th, Mr. Tillerson is set to arrive in Warsaw for high-level talks with top Polish officials on Polish-US bilateral ties, global challenges, regional security and trade. Rex Tillerson is also expected to attend a Paris conference on chemical weapons in France./. Compiled by BTA


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