Vietnam disagreed with the US over antidumping duties on seafood

The Hanoitimes – As the US announced its decision to impose antidumping duties on Vietnam’s fish fillet imports, Vietnam had filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) over its decision on January 12. The US has broken WTO’s commitment, according to Vietnam’s view in the way it imposed antidumping duties on Vietnam’s fish fillet, which are being considered as “dumped, or sold at an unfairly cheap price on the US market” informed Reuters.  Following the procedure, the US will have 60 days to settle the complaint, otherwise Vietnam can request WTO to adjudicate.  This is the fourth complaints filed by Vietnam to the WTO since its participation in the organization in 2007. That said, the two previous complaints in related to seafood (DS404 and DS429) were aimed to counteract the US’s action of imposing antidumping duties on Vietnamese shrimps.  The US is the largest market for Vietnamese fish fillets, as such, the import value has increased from US$100 million in 2007 to over US$520 million in 2016. Vietnam thus, has become the third largest supplier of fish fillets to the US, behind Chile and China.  Over the recent two decades, the US has been involved in a series of trade disputes over its use of antidumping duties, however, it has lost many of them after its calculation methods were found to be out of line with the WTO rules. Earlier this week, WTO has issued a complaint filed by Canada against the US use of antidumping and anti-subsidy… [Read full story]


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