Vietnam railway launches more six five-star trains

On January 10, at Sai Gon railway station, Vietnam Railway Corporation has launched and put into operation six Thong Nhat trains with 90 carriages, newly manufactured with advanced technology and materials. This is the combination of 4 mechanic sectors: railway, aviation, ship and automobile industry. The carriage is made of high strength steel in modularized form which are equiped with air spring redirecting shelves and vibration resistance capacity. Zoom in one high-class train The interior is made of composite with high durability, fire and dust resistance. Walls and windows are molded seamlessly into the commuter corridors of the passengers, wider than the old carriages. Lighting system are leds while carriages are covered with soundproofing paint. The floor is covered with tapi fireproof materials imported from France with good sound insulation. Carriages are designed to take advantage of the existing advantages of aviation, maritime and road transport; employee alert system when passengers need, status display on next station, temperature and train speed. In the seat carriages, air conditioning system is placed to passengers’s seat for them to adjust. Especially, bed carriages are fitted with imported cotton mattresses. Each passenger bed is equipped with a reading light, integrated charging tool by USB. At each seat there is a power outlet for passengers to charge mobile phones, computers or ipad … Seats carriages are equipped with 8 TVs to serve passengers demand. Toilet is equipped with air conditioner, septic toilet in accordance with operation principle of the US Microphor system and waste treatment… [Read full story]


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