​Vietnam reconsiders north-south high-speed railway project

Vietnamese authorities are reviewing the possibility of a north-to-south high-speed train, in addition to the country’s Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh City railway network. On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung tasked the Ministry of Transport, in coordination with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and relevant agencies, with appraising the pre-feasibility report regarding a north-to-south express railway project. The report also includes an environmental impact assessment, which is in accordance with the law on construction. The pre-feasibility report was initiated during a conference on January 8, during which Deputy PM Dung highlighted that priority should be directed to major sections of the high-speed train route, namely Hanoi to the north-central city of Vinh, and between the south-central city of Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. After being carefully assessed, the report will be submitted to the central government, Politburo, and National Assembly before the construction starts. The project is expected to be implemented during 2021-2030. The idea of building an express railway system running between northern and southern Vietnam was included in the developmental plan of the country’s railway sector until 2020, with the vision until 2030, which was previously approved by the prime minister. The tracks are expected to be 1.435 meters wide, allowing trains to travel at a velocity of 160 to 200km per hour during the first phase of operation, and at 350km per hour during the second phase. The north-to-south railway is currently the country’s principal railway line spanning a total length of 1,726… [Read full story]


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