Vietnam seeks to boost environmentally friendly brick production

Conventional brickyards in ​Ham Yen District in the northern province of Tuyen Quang (Photo VNA) Hano​i (VNA) – Province and city authorities have been told to stopinvestment in fired clay brick production and to prioritise investment in otherenvironmentally friendly construction materials.The orderwas one of the highlights of a recent official paper issued by Deputy PrimeMinister Trinh Dinh Dung. The paper followed a month of study and theconsideration of feedback at a national conference on the development ofconstruction materials held in mid-December.It isestimated that in 2020, Vietnam could need as many as 42 billion bricksfor construction works. In the next 10 years, the total output could reach 330billion clay bricks, requiring up to 40 million tonnes of coal to process. Thebrick production will release into the atmosphere 148 tonnes of green housegases amongst other pollutants. The unfired counterpart, however, don’t havesuch a large environmental footprint, as they don’t require the use of naturalclay or burning of fossil fuels.Vietnam’srapid economic growth continues to generate enormous demands forinfrastructure. The cost of construction materials alone takes up 30-50 percentof the total budget for infrastructure investment. There are also the hiddencosts stemming from the environmental impacts at every step of the materials”life cycle’: mineral mining, manufacturing, construction, use and demolition.Therefore,”developing sustainable material construction will bring beneficialcontributions to socio-economic development,” the paper says.The neworder to contain the expansion of conventional fired bricks comes seven yearsafter a programme (Decision No 567/QĐ-TTg) aiming at encouraging the productionand use of unfired materials was launched in 2010 with a vision towards 2020.Theprogramme… [Read full story]


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