Vietnam to ensure operation for market stabilization during Tet holiday

The Viet Nam National Flag Carrier Vietnam Airlines on January 22 announced it plans on adding flights to meet increased demand of passengers over the forthcoming Tet holiday.   Also this time, Vietnam Airlines offers promotional programs for passengers on some domestic routes like “Happy gathering on Tet holiday” and “Golden moments”.   From January 31 to February 2 (the 1st-4th day of the first lunar month), it is expected to discount prices by about 20% for purchasing tickets on on domestic and Southeast Asia routes, applicable to flights departing from February 11 to March 31.   Passengers are…... [read more]

The Hanoitimes - Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh launched the Year of Traffic Safety 2018 during a ceremony in Hanoi on January 3. Speaking at the event, Binh said traffic accidents decreased in number of cases, fatalities and injured victims from 2012 – 2017.    Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh launched the Year of Traffic Safety 2018 In 2017, traffic accidents claimed 8,279 lives, 406 fewer than 2016, marking the greatest single year reduction since 2013.  He asked the National Traffic Safety Committee, ministries, agencies, mass organisations and authorities of centrally-run cities and provinces to abide by the…... [read more]

It’s just over a month before the Lunar New Year, and the commodity market for Tet holiday has become more active with many great promotion programmes. Domestic demand is expected to increase about 20 - 22 percent compared to the same period last year. However, necessary demands of consumers will be largely satisfied in Tet holiday. Increasing reservesAccording to the plan, the amount of reserved commodities products will grow approximately 20 - 30 percent compared to the same period last year, domestically produced goods will continuously take the advantage and hold 90 - 95 percent of Tet holiday sales. With…... [read more]

The Hanoitimes - The Hanoi People’s Committee has just released Plan No. 243/KH-UBND on deploying the scheme on strengthening solutions for assurance of road traffic order and safety in areas having industrial parks and clusters in the capital city according to Decision No. 2376/QD-BGTVT dated July 29, 2016 of the Ministry of Transport. Under the Plan, the Capital city sets up following key targets: 100% of managers and employees in industrial zones and residents living around the zones will be provided legal knowledge on traffic order and safety annually; 100% of drivers will be trained safe skills; removing 100% of…... [read more]

The 128 flower markets will be opened in 21 districts throughout the city from February 8-15, 2018. Photo:  Among the selected areas, District 10 will have the most locations, 21, to be turned into flower markets. It is followed by Thu Duc District, Can Gio District, and District 8, which will host 19, 18, and 13 such markets, respectively.At the city level, the three main flower markets, all of which are under the management of state-run Cong Vien Cay Xanh Co. Ltd., are due to open in the “September 23”, Le Van Tam and Gia Dinh parks. Translated by Chung…... [read more]

Another local resident, who declined to be named, had a similar problem when a bank machine showed an "out of service" message when she tried to make a withdrawal.Problems such as these with ATMs have reportedly become more frequent in the run-up to Tet (Lunar New Year), especially at industrial parks and export processing zones, according to the Commercial Joint-Stock Company for Foreign Trade of Viet Nam (Vietcombank).To prepare for better operation of ATMs during the holiday, the inspection and monitoring agency under the HCM City branch of the State Bank of Viet Nam said it would examine ATMs this…... [read more]

K-12 students in Ho Chi Minh City are leaving their peers in Hanoi jealous as they have been given a much longer break during the upcoming Lunar New Year, or Tet, holiday, which is due in mid-February. Kindergarten and elementary school children in the capital are allowed to take 11 days off, while middle and high school students will have a ten-day Tet break, according to the municipal Department of Education and Training. Tet this year falls on February 16, but activities to celebrate Vietnam’s biggest holiday normally start at least a week in advance and linger for another week…... [read more]

Vietnam Air operates more flights for TetBy Mong Binh - The Saigon Times DailyThe airline said in a statement obtained by the Daily that it would add 136 flights on the main routes between HCMC and Hanoi and between HCMC Vietnam Airlines detailed its plan to conduct four more flights a day on the north-south HCMC-Hanoi route, or a supply of 19,500 seats from now to February 28 and an additional two flights a day between HCMC and the central coastal city of Danang, or 9,300 seats in all for this period.With the extra flights, the number of seats available…... [read more]

With Tet holiday just around the corner, consumers are being left with no choice but to pay higher prices. Vegetables: high prices in retail markets, low consumption in wholesale marketsPrices on a wide range of consumer goods have risen quickly, causing noticeable reductions in consumption volumes at many larger markets.Prices on items such as vegetables have increased at retail markets despite demand decreasing on the wholesale level. Many vegetable shop owners have stopped purchasing some imported goods, leading to a noticeable absence of certain types vegetables.At Tam Binh wholesale market, Thu Duc district, HCM City, prices on tomatoes have gone…... [read more]

(Cinet)- Food plays a major role in the Lunar New Year celebration. Some traditional dishes served on this event are square sticky-rice cake, boiled chicken, sausage, and different kinds of Tet jams, ect. Banh Chung ( Square sticky-rice cake): Square sticky-rice cake is unique to Vietnam's Tet holiday. Banh Chung is a food made from glutinous rice, mung bean and pork, added with many other ingredients. Banh Chung is covered by green leaves (usually banana leaves) and symbolizes the Earth, invented by the prince Lang Lieu from Hung King dynasty. Besides traditional reason, Banh Chung is chosen as the main…... [read more]