Vietnam to send 100,000 workers abroad annually

NDO - The number of Vietnamese workers sent abroad in the first four months of 2015 was estimated at 35,700, up 3.93% over the same period last year. According to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, in April alone foreign countries and territories received more than 9,900 Vietnamese workers with Taiwan (China) the largest recipient, followed by Japan and Malaysia. Taiwan has been determined as a key market for Vietnamese guest workers as it accepts a large proportion of unskilled workers and offers decent salaries compared with other countries. The first four months of the year also witnessed…... [read more]

While working to maintain traditional markets, such as Malaysia, Taiwan, the Republic of Korea and Japan, labour exporters have been looking for new markets in the Middle-East, Australia and some European countries, said Nguyen Ngoc Quynh, deputy head of the division.Airserco, a labour export company of the Vietnam Airlines Corporation, for instance, has just won a contract to send 6,500 workers to Qatar from now till the end of the year.The division rated Qatar as a potential labour market due to a high demand of foreign labourers in various jobs. A manual worker in Qatar can earn a monthly average…... [read more]

Malaysia took the lead in employing as many as 19,012 Vietnamese guest workers, followed by Taiwan (14,339), the Republic of Korea (7,472), Qatar (4,252), Japan (2,633), Macau (1,461) and other countries (6,069).   Most Vietnamese guest workers had short-term vocational training courses and their incomes were lower than those working in Malaysia and Taiwan.   Under the signed memorandum of understanding between Vietnam and the RoK where Vietnamese guest workers are much welcomed by employers, some labour export companies are seeking to provide them with more highly-skilled workers.... [read more]

Of the total, Taiwan employed 22,865, Malaysia 16,710, the Republic of Korea 10,148, Japan 3, 730, Macau 1,770, Saudi Arabia 1,936, t he United Arab Emirates ( UAE) 2,072 and other markets 8,688.   The MoLISA issued decision in August introducing brokerage charges the workers have to pay to export businesses in several markets. It also developed a pilot project on vocational training for guest workers from the fourth quarter of the year until 2010, and 35 labour export businesses will be selected to implement the project.   Investment capital for the project will be sourced from the State budget…... [read more]

In November only, 8,411 laborers were sent abroad, 3,058 of them are female. Taiwan, the largest market of Viet Nam’s labor export, received 4,319 workers (1,796 females), followed by Japan 989 (425 females), Malaysia, 654 and the United Arab Emirates, 582. In November, 697 returned to work in the Republic of Korea. Viet Nam expects to achieve the set plan of sending 100,000 workers abroad this year. By Thuy Dung... [read more]

Malaysia, Taiwan, the Republic of Korea (RoK), Japan and Middle East countries have remained the largest markets for Vietnamese labourers. The RoK and Japan have received around 8,000 Vietnamese guest workers. Qatar and Libya, have been considered potential markets for Vietnamese workers as they have large demands for foreign workers in all sectors, ranging from maids working in households to construction workers to high-tech specialists. However, Vietnam still has difficulties in sending its workers to new markets with high salaries such as Australia, Canada and Italy. Vietnam, bringing in about US$1.5 billion annually from approximately 400,000 Vietnamese labourers working abroad.…... [read more]

Vietnam is expected to take as many as 600 skilled laborers to Italy for the first time this year according to a pilot labor contract signed between the AIC Company and an Italian partner.  Accordingly, 50 nurses, doctors and technicians will be sent to work in the European country in June, said AIC Director Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan. "Although Italy began opening its labor market to Vietnam in late 2005, these will be the first workers sent to Italy from Vietnam," Nhan emphasized. Italy is a favorable destination for overseas contract labor because workplace protection laws are advanced, incomes are high (US$3,000…... [read more]

Vietnam plans to send workers to Australia, Laos and Thailand for the first time this year in a bid to expand and improve its overseas labor force.Vietnam sent a record 126,000 workers overseas in 2016.Pham Viet Huong, the deputy director of the central Department of Overseas Labor, told Vietnam News Agency that the plan is more about improving workers's skills rather than increasing the number of them.The government has set a target of sending 105,000 workers abroad in 2017. Japan, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan will continue to be the core markets.Huong said the labor ministry is going to implement agreements…... [read more]

Vietnam’s labor ministry is outlining a new plan to send more skilled workers abroad in the next few years as the number of unemployed Vietnamese has surpassed the million mark. According to Deputy Minister Doan Mau Nghiep, the plan will focus on sending engineers to South Korea and health workers to Japan and Germany and also exploring new markets like Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Israel. “The ministry wants to find solutions for well-trained workers, who have graduated from universities or colleges but can’t find jobs," he said. "But we have to assess whether the quality of our labor force…... [read more]

Vietnam, home to 44.4 million people of working age, sent around 55,500 workers abroad in the first eight months of this year, fulfilling 69 per cent of the whole year target, according to the Department for Overseas Workers Management under the Ministry of Labor, War Invalid and Social Affairs (MoLISA). The figure marked the on-year increase of 11 per cent, the department added. In August alone, Vietnam took over 6,700 laborers to foreign countries and territories. Taiwan was the top labor market of the country in the month with more than 2,100 workers. The runners-up were Malaysia with 2,100, South Korea with…... [read more]