Vietnam university’s prize honors outstanding scientists

During the event Prof. Nguyen Thoi Trung from Ton Duc Thang University and Prof. Edward A. McBean from Guelph University of Canada received the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Rising Star Award went to Dr. Stephanie Kwai-Yee Ma from Hong Kong University, while Dr. Leo Choe Peng from Sains University of Malaysia won the Women in Science Award. Launched in May 2017, the organizing panel received more than 60 submissions of scientists from countries around the world, including the Philippines, China, India, Canada, France, Italy, Russia, Belgium, the USA, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The TDTU Scientific Prize is established with the avowed purposes of honoring and recognizing outstanding Vietnamese and foreign scientists who have made important contributions to scientific research as well as their impacts on the society. The prize includes three categories as mentioned. Translated by Minh Anh


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