Vietnamese, Indian premiers discuss national defense, trade, and East Vietnam Sea

The prime ministers of Vietnam and India had a conversation about a number of topics related to the two countries, notably technological and commercial cooperation and East Vietnam Sea issues, at Hydrabad House in India on Wednesday. At the talk, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in the ASEAN – India Commemorative Summit and the ceremony on the 69th anniversary of the Republic Day of India. Phuc congratulated India on its significant achievements in economy, society, national defense, and science and technology. He also uttered his belief that Modi will successfully continue to create a prosperous India with sustainable development and an improved status in Asia and on the international stage. Modi demonstrated his appreciation for Vietnam’s coordinative role in strengthening the relations between India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) over the past years. Considering defense and security links as seminal, both leaders agreed to increase the trust and effectiveness of the countries’ collaboration in these areas, and to direct their relevant governmental bodies to tackle any problems during the process. The Vietnamese PM expressed his hopes that India continues to transfer its national defense technologies to Vietnam. Meanwhile his Indian counterpart expected the countries to maintain mechanisms in national defense and security cooperation and the exchange of their people for experience acquisition, as well as to expedite the application of the defense credit packages as agreed on previously. The two leaders expressed a common view upon the importance of peace,… [Read full story]


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