Vietnamese internet users warned of fraudulent websites

The Ministry of Information and Communications’ Information Safety Department has detected at least around 700 websites that are cheating Vietnamese internet users. At least around 700 websites are cheating Vietnamese internet users According to the department, these websites try to get access to internet users by promoting bonus programmes, asking them to sign in accounts with their private information, including Gmail, Facebook or credit cards.   These days, the fraudulent websites are more rampant when Tet Holiday is nearing with more promotional programmes launched. The department has advised people to be alert with strange messages or those about bonuses or receiving gifts. Internet users are warned of possible risks to click on the same links through Zalo, Facebook or Viber. People should also change their Facebook password and do not provide private information, Facebook account or credit card information for websites of unknown origin. The department has found at least around 700 websites aiming to cheat Vietnamese internet users such as,,,,, and BKAV Corporation reported that by late January 24, nearly 200 Facebook accounts named U23 football team players and the team coach were falsified to serve online sales. Dtinews


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