Vietnamese woman takes rural students to royal city in order to learn English

A young woman in a province in Vietnam helps to improve the English command of students in her hometown by organizing non-profit tours to a former imperial city of nationwide popularity. Nguyen Thi Hai Oanh, living in Quang Tri Province, single-handedly manages the so-called Amazing English Tour, which offers hands-on activities of talking with English-speaking visitors. Elementary, middle and high school students participate in the tour in Hai Lang, which is the district Nguyen Thi Hai Oanh lives in. The trip is free, which means the children pay nothing but bus fares and expenses on meals and drinks, but Oanh sometimes has to chip in her own money to cover unexpected costs. The tour’s destination is the royal palace inside a citadel in Hue City, which is located south of her home region. Hue was Vietnam’s imperial capital. Meeting at her house, the tour group consisting of children and led by Oanh departs in the early morning and travels back home before dusk falls. The financially disadvantaged state of most families in the rural area requires simple means of transport. The group rides on electric bicycles to a bus station about seven miles away, before catching a bus to the palace, where chances of meeting foreign tourists abound. After their arrival, Oanh teaches several tips on striking up conversations to the students, before they disperse into smaller groups and seek dialogs with English-speaking visitors of their own accord. She has maintained this practice since her idea was first translated into… [Read full story]


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