Vietnam’s first smart fertilizer factory opened in Tra Vinh

Covering 5ha of land, the plant of Rynan Smart Fertilizers Joint Stock Company has total investment of over 35 million USD and is able to manufacture 50,000 tons of products each year. The factory is able to manufacture 50,000 tons of products each year. In the first phase, it is invested with around 10 million USD and produces 20,000 tons of products every year. Chairman of the firm’s board of director Nguyen Thanh My said smart fertilizer is coated with a layer of hi-tech polymer that is environmentally friendly and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 60 percent. After water is absorbed through the coat, such minerals as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and copper are gradually dissolved. Depending on each type of crop, the time for smart fertilizers to release all minerals varies from one to 12 months or longer. Therefore, farmers only need to fertilize once while the amount of needed fertilizers is 40 – 60 percent less than the normal ones, but crop productivity can increase by over 10 percent, he added. Source: VNA


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