Vietnam’s notorious Internet cable about to resume to full capacity this month

Vietnam’s Internet connection through the Asia America Gateway (AAG) cable system will be restored in full by January 20 after nearly two months of repair. The cable suffered a problem at its landing point in the southern city of Vung Tau on November 7, 2017, throttling international connectivity from Vietnam. The 20,000-kilometer submarine communications cable system provides one of Vietnam’s lifeline Internet gateways to the world by linking it with other Southeast Asian countries and with the U.S. across the Pacific Ocean. According to a representative from the Vietnam Posts and Communications Group (VNPT), which is one of the major Internet providers in Vietnam, 90 percent of the cable’s capacity had been restored at 11:16 pm on January 8. Repair works are expected to be finished by January 20. By then 100 percent of the cable’s capacity will have been restored. The US$560 million AAG system delivers up to two terabits per second, one of the largest capacities out of those that Vietnam is connected to, but has been regularly prone to ruptures and technical issues. Since its launch in 2009, the AAG cable has experienced  repeated problems , with two ruptures in 2014 and four cable cuts in 2015. In 2017, as many as five separate problems were reported with the system. Like us on Facebook  or  follow us on Twitter  to get the latest news about Vietnam!


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