Vietnam’s nuclear medicine makes big leaps within short time

Nuclear medicine, the branch of medicine that involves the administration of radioactive substances in order to diagnose and treat disease, is really incredible breakthrough in treating lung cancer.No-one can imagine that a few years ago, Dr. Do Quoc Hung working in the National Heart Institute in Hanoi suffered late-stage lung cancer. It is a miracle he can triumph his illness thanks to his own efforts, counterparts’ aid and especially nuclear medicine. Professor Khoa said that realizing that there has been increased number of patients who died of cancer in Vietnam ,he determined to study the new medicine because early detection…... [read more]

The modern institution combines the sectors of nuclear medicine,manufacturing and distribution with the purpose of researching,diagnosing and treating cancer. It has a total investment of12 million USD, including 10 million USD in official developmentassistance from the Republic of Korea and 2 million USD from the Statebudget. Additional 4 million USD, donated by the organisation East MeetWest, was used for infrastructure and construction. Tran NgocThanh, head of Da Nang General Hospital, said the centre would enablecancer patients, especially from the Central Region, to access advancedmedical treatment and reduce travel costs and time. The patients could also rest assured about the medical…... [read more]

Hosted by the Vietnam Society of Radiology andNuclear Medicine (VSRNM), the event brought together a c rowd ofdomestic and foreign scientists, experts, lecturers, doctors andtechnicians working in image diagnose, and medical device manufacturersfrom many countries.Organised annually, the event aims to shareexperience in applying radiation (X-ray) and nuclear medicine in imagediagnosis, health care and treatment, while discussing orientationsfor promoting the use of methods in the future. Reportspresented at the two-day event focus on specialised fields of radiology and nuclear medicine, neurological and interventional X-ray,and breast and heart image diagnosis. An exhibition displayinglatest technologies, medicines and devices in the field will beorganised…... [read more]

The seminar, part of the 3th annual meeting of the Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine (ARCCNM), brought together scientists from many countries such as the Republic of Korea, India, China, Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines. It offers a chance for scientists from the Council member countries to share experience, improve professional capacity and bolster inter-regional cooperation in the field of nuclear medicine. At present, Vietnam has more than 20 nuclear medicine establishments that have provided  effective treatment to thousands of Basedow patients and hundreds of those afflicted by thyroid cancer, using a radioactive form of…... [read more]

Can you tell us the results of investment and application of new, modern technologies and equipment in production of the cement sector? Over the past years, many enterprises in the cement sector have emphasized the need for greater investment, acquirement and application of new, modern technologies in cement production like Song Gianh, Hai Phong, Cam Pha, Thang Long, Ha Long, Thai Nguyen, Binh Phuoc, Ha Tien 2, Nghi Son 2, Hoang Thach 3 and But Son 2 cement companies. At the Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation (Vicem), all cement plants have been designed according to the US and European standards and…... [read more]

China is one of those countries making big progress in heritage protection while world heritage application helps China to do better, a senior UNESCO official said in a recent interview with Xinhua. Jing Feng, director of the Asia-Pacific regional department in the World Heritage Committee of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), said China had sped up efforts in heritage protection during the process of world heritage application. The UNESCO's World Heritage Committee decided on Saturday, at its 34th meeting in Brasilia, Brazil, to add the historic monuments of Dengfeng in central China's Henan province to the World…... [read more]

Trinh Linh Giang (Source: (VNA) – Trinh Linh Giang hasclimbed up the ATP world ranking to stand at No 1,637, the ATP’s announcement hasrevealed. Giangjumped 439 steps thanks to his second-round berth at the Thailand F6 Men’sFuture in late December.His seniorteammate Ly Hoang Nam also climbed up six steps compared to last week and nowranks No 641. Nam entered the second round of the singles category andquarter-finals of the doubles class at the Thai competition.AnotherVietnamese, Nguyen Hoang Thien, who did not take part in any tournament lastmonth, dropped two steps to No 1,442.There isno woman tennis player from Vietnam on…... [read more]

The event, organised by Bach Mai Hospital, attracted the participation of officials from the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute, the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety, the International Atomic Energy Agency and Regional Co-operative Agreement Regional Office.The attendants will also evaluate the efficiency of a technical cooperation project on fine-tuning healthcare services and improving governmental agencies’ capacity in the Regional Co-operative Agreement.Speaking at the conference, Associate Professor Nguyen Quoc Anh, Director of Bach Mai Hospital, highlighted that the project will help develop medical competence in treating non-infectious diseases like cancers and cardiovascular disease.Bach Mai hospital is a pioneer in applying…... [read more]

Organised annually, the event aims to share experience in applying radiation (X-ray) and nuclear medicine in image diagnosis, health care and treatment, while discussing orientations for promoting the use of methods in the future. Reports presented at the two-day event focus on specialised fields of r adiology and nuclear medicine, neurological and interventional X-ray, and breast and heart image diagnosis. An exhibition displaying latest technologies, medicines and devices in the field will be organised in the framework of the conference. According to VSRNM President Dr. Pham Minh Thong, efforts made by the national medical sector along with support from its foreign counterparts will…... [read more]

Jointly organised by the Vietnam Society of Radiology and NuclearMedicine (VSRNM) and the French Society of Radiology (FSR), thethree-day event will introduce programmes on emergency cardiovasculartreatment and mental diseases as well as cancer and breast cancerdiagnosis. Hoang Duc Kiet, President of VSRNM saidthat since the first conference was held in Hanoi in September, 1995,the Vietnamese nuclear medicine sector has received support from theFrench government, France’s GREF group and FSR with many lectures andscholarships to young Vietnamese doctors. So far,VSRNM has gathered 800 members as specialists along with modernequipment for imaging diagnosis and nuclear medicine such as digitalX-ray and colour ultrasound…... [read more]