VOV’s functions, structure issued

VOV’s functions, structure issued. (Photo: VOV) Hanoi (VNA) – The Government has renewed thedecree regulating functions, tasks, powers and structure of Radio the Voice ofVietnam (VOV) instead of Decree No.55/2014/ND-CP issued four years ago.Under new Decree No.03/2018/ND-CP, VOV is a governmentalagency and national radio station which works to disseminate the Party’s guidelinesand the State’s laws, contributing to the people’s improved intellectual standardsvia radio broadcasting and other press and multimedia services.VOV is managed by the Ministry of Information andCommunications in terms of press, broadcasting and television.The radio station is tasked with developing annual,medium-term and long-term plans, programmes and strategies and submit them tothe Government and the Prime Minister for approval. It must decide and takeresponsibility for daily broadcast contents and programmes alongside broadcastrange and impacts of its works on internal and external affairs in accordancewith legal regulations.It is assigned to produce, transmit, broadcast, issue andarchive radio and television programmes, and online and print newspapers. In respect of structure, VOV runs a system of news channels,including VOV1 for news and current affairs, VOV2 for cultural and social news,VOV3 for music, VOV4 for ethnic affairs, VOV5 for external news service, VOV6for literature and arts, and VOV Transport.Additionally, it operates the online news website vov.vn,the print newspaper VOV and VTC Digital Television.VOV has representative offices in the Northeast,Northwest, Central, Central Highlands and Mekong Delta regions and in Ho ChiMinh City and overseas offices.-VNA


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