Winter Olympics: Athletes’ villages ready to greet visitors

 The inside of an accommodation for athletes at the PyeongChang Village in PyeongChang, 180 kilometers east of Seoul (Photo: Pyeongchang (VNA/Yonhap) — With the PyeongChangWinter Olympics just around the corner, organizers said on January 25 that thetwo athletes’ villages are ready to greet participants, with visitors expectedto start moving in this week, Yonhap news agency of the Republic of Korea (RoK)reported. While official welcoming ceremonies will start on Feb. 1,advance teams from different countries will move to the villages starting January26, the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and ParalympicWinter Games said. The RoK prepared two villages for the 2018 Winter Games,with the PyeongChang Village serving athletes performing at snow events in thehost town of PyeongChang, located 180 kilometers east of Seoul, and nearbyJeongseon. Athletes performing in ice events such as hockey and skatingwill be accommodated in the Gangneung Olympic Village, east of PyeongChang. The PyeongChang Village has eight 15-story buildings, whichamounts to 600 units. The Gangneung counterpart has nine 25-story buildings, or922 units. The villages will have various facilities for athletes,including banks, post offices, convenience stores, laundry rooms, gyms andreligious centers. The committee is also planning to host various culturalevents, including dance performances, to entertain athletes during their stay. The organizing committee added that athletes are allowed totake the blankets in their rooms back home as gifts. The special blankets areinscribed with pictograms of different winter sports. “We have prepared 3,300 blankets for the PyeongChangVillage, and 2,600 for the Gangneung Village,” an official from thecommittee said, adding… [Read full story]


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