Works of art celebrating Year of Dog to be exhibited in Hanoi

A number of paintings and ceramics celebrating the upcoming Year of the Dog are scheduled to be exhibited between February 2 and 12 in Hanoi. The Lunar New Year, otherwise known as Tet in Vietnamese, is the most culturally significant occasion in Vietnam, with the entire country relaxing and enjoying happy moments with friends and family.   The works of art will be housed at Hang Da Galleria, next to Ngo Tram Street in Cua Dong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, in a joint effort by the artist collective Gallery 39 (G39) and Hang Da Commercial Center. The exhibition is entitled ‘Tuat Dome 2018,’ with ‘Tuat’ meaning ‘Dog,’ the symbol of the upcoming New Year in the Vietnamese zodiac, and ‘Dome,’ the Russian word  for ‘House.’ This title was selected because of the close relationship Gallery 39 has with the nation of Russia.  The Gallery 39 artists wish to create a space that conveys the joy and excitement of Tet, with an atmosphere full of warmth and friendliness shown in artworks related to the canine companion. The pieces exhibited include paintings in a variety of mediums: pastel, oil, acrylic paint and shredded paper. In addition, the exhibition also features porcelain statutes and dishes from Bat Trang, the village famed nationwide for its traditional ceramics, situated on Hanoi’s outskirts. At the opening of the exhibition, visitors can mingle with the artists and enjoy beautiful melodies by the Gallery 39 musical band. The event will also sell items by children, such as li… [Read full story]


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