A movie a day for 60 years: cinema sustains a Berlin love

It’s a love that was born in a cinema in 1950s Cold War Berlin and that has been nourished for over six decades by taking in at least a movie a day together. At this week’s Berlin film festival, Erika and Ulrich Gregor, now in their 80s, are absolute fixtures. Year after year, they can be spotted gingerly making their way, arm in arm, from theatre to theatre to catch as many screenings each day as they can. “We’ve watched thousands and thousands of films together,” Ulrich, 85, told AFP in an interview at the Arsenal cinema they helped found. “We’re curious and we want to be on the cutting edge, so to speak. So we watch five movies a day (at a festival), sometimes even six. And when we’re not watching movies, we’re talking about them.” It’s that kind of shared passion that the Gregors say has kept their relationship thriving after nearly 60 years of marriage. The pair met as students at West Berlin’s Free University in 1957, when Ulrich was hosting a film evening. “It was ‘People on Sunday’,” a 1930 German silent film, “and there was one woman who had very strong views,” he said. “Everybody loved the movie but I thought it was sexist and said so,” recalled Erika, 83. “There was a stormy debate but I wouldn’t back down. When it was over I walked out and the moderator (Ulrich) ran after me and said ‘Please come next time’ and promised to show a… [Read full story]


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