A quiet Vietnamese visa run (part 2)

>> A quiet Vietnamese visa run (part 1) If you’ve gotta travel, you’ve gotta shop! Finally got my nifty new visa without any fuss or bother but why, oh, why do the Cambodians and the Vietnamese feel the need to fill a whole page in a passport with a ridiculously overdesigned visa sticker? My ten-year passport now needs renewing and there’s still three years left on the passport’s validity!   One nice thing about both Kuala Lumpur and Phnom Penh is you don’t have to go far for shopping. Another benefit is that both cities display far more civilized behavior about pedestrians. There’s none of the ‘run you down because I refuse to acknowledge your existence’ rubbish. The traffic actually stopped to let me pass when I was running late to cross the street! I hate to say it, but I’ve mostly given up trying to buy clothes in Vietnam. It just seems as though Vietnam exports the good quality stuff and the locals deal with cheaper, poor quality clothes that just don’t last that long. Even basic T-shirts I’d purchase in Vietnam barely seem to last longer than four months. Most of my shopping is done in Phnom Penh or Malaysia. High-end market shopping malls are sprouting up almost everywhere in Phnom Penh along with luxury-style apartment blocks. However it’s a mystery to me who, apart from the government elite, can afford to live in such splendor. So then…the shopping malls. AEON, a Japanese operated mall (I think), is… [Read full story]


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