Activities held to mark CPV’s founding anniversary

On the evening of February 1, the People’s Army Newspaper, the Vietnam Television and other agencies and units jointly organized an art program entitled “Trust in and love for the Party” at Au Co Art Center in Hanoi. The program was also to mark the 50th anniversary of the Mau Than General Offensive and Uprising in Spring 1968 and to welcome the Lunar New Year Festival. The program recaptured each historical period of the Vietnam’s revolution, screened lively reportages and entertained viewers with typical art pieces performed by famous singers and artists both inside and outside the military. As part of the event, the organizing panel presented gifts to military units on combat readiness duties and national contributors. The program, the third of its kind, aimed to honor the sound leadership of the CPV founded by President Ho Chi Minh, the resilience, innovation of troops and people in the war for national salvation and reunification. It also targeted to evoke the national pride, bring into full play the national patriotism, mobilize the synergy of the Party, people and military as well as create a driving force to accomplish victoriously all socio-economic, defense-security missions, thus educating the tradition and raising awareness among cadres, Party members and people, especially younger generations, of the national construction and protection cause. Earlier, the program’s organizers carried out several gratitude activities, such as preparation for building a kindergarten in Quang Trong commune, Thach An district, Cao Bang province and handing-over 1,600 gifts to national contributors and… [Read full story]


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