Age-old trees add unique touch to Saigon streets (photos)

Can you name some of the ‘greenest’ streets in Ho Chi Minh City, where rows of age-old trees are lined along their sides? The idea of growing green trees along pavements on streets citywide was brought about at the beginning of the French colonial era in the southern Vietnamese metropolis back in 1863. The French people wanted to add more greenery to the city so that they could live more comfortably in the local tropical weather. Various fruit trees, including tamarind and mango, were first planted in the plan, but those choices were later proven not quite suitable. After considering various alternatives, officials of a board in charge of the tree-growing plan eventually decided to go with golden oak (Hopea odorata), which can now be found abundant at 30/4 Park in District 1. Tall ancient trees, particularly golden oak, have been connecting with the lives of many generations of Saigonese for over one and a half century. Tran Phu Street in District 5 is shaded with beautiful lines of golden oak.


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