Art exhibition on Hoan Kiem Lake kicks off

The exhibition was inspired by the exceptional idea of a group of Hanoi-based artists who wished to use art to bring out a new kind of spirit and change what people think about “the genre of Sword Lake painting”. A visitor studies Bui Huu Hung’s The Scene of Sword Lake It was co-organised by Hoan Kiem management board and Vietnam art mobilisation and cultural diplomatic board under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Department of External Culture and UNESCO. The exhibition attracted 14 artists, each of whom has submitted two artworks. The 28 paintings show various perspectives, shades and different viewpoints on Sword Lake through four seasons by the artists, demonstrating their personal affections for the capital and the legendary lake, the treasure of Hanoi. Painted with oil on canvas and wood, the highlighted artworks depicting the natural beauty of Sword Lake included famous faces among Hanoi’s artists, like Bui Huu Hung’s Phong Canh Ho Guom (The Scene of Sword Lake), Nguyen Thi Trang Nga’s Nang Ben Ho (Sunray by the Lake), or Tran Tuyet Mai’s Mua Thu Ha Noi (Autumn in Hanoi). Dao Thi Lien Huong, head of Vietnam Arts and Culture Diplomatic faculty, said the exhibition was the idea of painter Le Anh Van, former rector of Vietnam University of Fine Arts, “When we think about the genre of Sword Lake painting, it is typically considered the low end. However, while we are working with embassies of many countries, most of them said paintings of Sword Lake are needed…. [Read full story]


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