Artist Hoang Viet: measures needed to preserve and promote traditional art form

The show was held by the artist Hoang Viet, who has made great contributions towards preserving and promoting the value of ‘Bai Choi’, a traditional art form popular in the central and south central regions of Vietnam, particularly in Binh Dinh province. The artist granted an interview to the weekly publication of Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper to share about this passion with ‘Bai Choi’ singing. Great passion Q: Less than a month after ‘Bai Choi’ singing was recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, you held your impressive liveshow on this traditional art form. Did you make the preparations for it a long time ago? A: I have nurtured the ambition of organising the liveshow for a long time to reproduce forms of ‘Bai Choi’ games (a card game played in bamboo huts under the instruction of male and female Hieu artists) and performances. After it was recognised by the UNESCO in late 2017, with the encouragement of my friends, fans and professional agencies, I decided to launch my own liveshow. I am very passionate and proud of the national and traditional cultural treasures; so through the performance, I desired to bring ‘Bai Choi’ closer to the public, particularly art lovers. To make ‘Bai Choi’ popular in the community Q: From a ballet dancer, you have become an artist of many mediums, including ‘Tuong’ (classical drama), ‘Hat boi’ (classical theatre and folk singing) and ‘Bai Choi’. What makes ‘Bai Choi’ different from other traditional folk singing? A:… [Read full story]


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