Banks recruited thousands of employees in 2017

Together with high profits of a trillion dong at the end of 2017, domestic commercial banks reportedly hired thousands of employees to boost their performances and seize new opportunities. According to recent statistics, fifteen Vietnamese banks recruited 20,000 additional employees last year, up 13 per cent over 2016, raising their total to 178,000 personnel by the end of 2017. Of this total, LienVietPostBank experienced the greatest growth of 43 per cent, followed by VP Bank, HD Bank and MB Bank, with 37 per cent, 24 per cent and 43 per cent respectively. According to VPBank’s financial reports, at the end of 2017, the total employees of the bank increased by 6,500 from the beginning to 23,879, in which the head office accounted for 2,100 and two subsidiaries made up the remaining. MB Bank said it hired 2,438 recruits to add a major source of staff to its subsidiaries MCredit and MB Ageas. Similarly, HD Bank employed more than 2,600 positions of which the personnel recruited for its subsidiary HD Saigon made up over 60 per cent. Other banks such as Eximbank, ACB, and Sacombank also recruited a higher number of staff last year. Specifically, Sacombank filled more than 1,400 new positions in 2017, compared to nearly 600 in 2016. Techcombank employees saw an increase of 1,000 people, up 13 per cent against the beginning of the year. Eximbank and ACB also increased the number by 891 and 168, respectively. Meanwhile, State-owned banks such as Vietcombank and Vietinbank also hired 612… [Read full story]


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