Binh Phuoc culture highlighted at museum

A Spring Festival exhibition featuring the unique culture of the people in the southern province of Binh Phuoc will be held at the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi, from February 24 – 25. It is organised by the Bình Phước Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. A calligrapher performs his art at a Spring Festival at the museum. People often display calligraphy during the New Year. About 1,700km south-east of Hanoi, Binh Phuoc is known for untouched landscapes such as Thac Mo (Dream Waterfall), Bombo Village, Bu Gia Map primaeval forest and Cat Tien National Park. The province houses Khmer, M’Nông, Xtieng and Tày ethnic people. The highlight of the programme will be gong performances, folk singing and Khmer ethnic dances. Traditional food of the region will also be on offer. On February 24, the museum will provide a fireworks display to welcome in the new year. Children learn to make bánh chưng at a festival hosted by the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology.  Other Tet festivities will include traditional painting and folk games. Museum director Võ Quang Trọng said year end was a perfect time to turn back time to the good old days with activities such as making giò (a pork roll), erecting cây nêu (bamboo tree pole), making Dong Ho prints, writing calligraphy, making bánh chưng (sticky rice cakes) and playing folk games that are unique to the Red River Delta.- VNS


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