Cold spell kills thousands of cattle in the north

The recent cold spell has killed at least 3,000 cattle in the mountainous areas in the north and damaged a large area of crops. Lu A Khua, a local in Son La Province said he had stayed up all night to take care of his buffalo and pigs when the temperatures dropped below zero. “I’m one of the disadvantaged households so the local authorities gave me this buffalo last year. It was my biggest assets and hope to escape poverty in four years. But it died in the cold. I wanted to sell it and save money to buy another buffalo,” he said. The recent cold spell has killed at least 3,000 cattle The temperatures in Ta Xua Commune are always close to zero and the commune is covered in thick fog. Vang Thi Rua in Toa Tinh Commune is also struggling to protect her cattle and poultry from the cold. They had to go out into the rain to gather fodder for the buffalo. They also try to keep the calf warm with boiled water but it is still losing its appetite. “I’ve just called the vet to check on it. Losing a buffalo for farmers is like losing a real family member,” she said. Another farmer said it was too cold for neighbours to come out and eat the dead buffalo meat and they can only sell the dead buffaloes for a little money. Meanwhile, Tran Van Son in Chieng Xom Commune is trying to protect his three-hectare… [Read full story]


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