Da Nang city gives assistance to beneficiaries and poor laborers during Tet

Tet presents given to Co Tu ethnic minority people in Hoa Vang district (Photo: VNA)Accordingly, senior revolutionary cadres, the city’s former leaders who passed away or are ill and outstanding beneficiaries’ families will be supported with VND2 million each. The city will also provide VND1 million for each extremely disadvantaged beneficiary, Vietnamese heroic mother, hero of the people’s armed forces, labour heroes, wounded soldiers, resistance war activists who lost 81% or more of their working ability, pre-resistance war cadres and Vietnamese heroic mothers’ husbands.  Besides, those who ride pedicab will be assisted with VND250,000 each; individuals and families who enjoy monthly allowances; orphans; and former soldiers with mental illness will receive VND300,000 each. Additionally, those who practice at social foundations and prisoners at the Hoa Son Prison will be given VND200,000 each, while poor families living in extremely disadvantaged circumstances will be supported VND600,000 each./. Compiled by BTA


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