Diseases and desires

From the moment I entered the twin-bed room with him, I realised that all he only paid attention to the ceiling and Nen, his pretty, chubby wife. She bathed him carefully every three days, applied ointment to his body in the morning and afternoon, and fed him three times a day. She also washed his dirty underwear daily and dried them on clothes line over the banister. It seemed to me that without her devotion, he would die soon. * * * That morning, as I entered our room, a stout nurse pointed at the bed close to the ‘scarlet lobster’. “Sir, that’s your bed. Put on your patient’s uniform on now,” she told me after throwing it, together with a bedspread, to me then she walked out. “Well, nurse, nurse…,” I called loudly. “Sir, please don’t disturb my husband. He’s just fallen asleep,” said the pretty wife in a nervous voice. “How did such an ugly guy snare such a beautiful girl?” I asked myself. * * * Nang’s job prior to his serious disease was in the metropolitan morgue where few people dared to work, despite the riches on offer. His work was mainly composed of cleaning and enshrouding the bodies. He got the job by paying a huge bribe and saying he was ten years younger in his application to the hospital authorities. His employment proved fairly profitable thanks to the huge expense of burial services, conducted at the mortuary arranged by him. After the autopsy, the… [Read full story]


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