Dong Hoa Hiep ancient village in the spring

The village is located by the Ca Be River in Tien Giang, a province in the Mekong Delta of southwestern Vietnam. Roads leading up to the village are surrounded with green trees and growing fruits. Every house has a front porch with a newly blossomed apricot tree waiting for the Lunar New Year, also known as Tet holidays, one of the biggest celebrations every year in Vietnam. Roads leading to the village are surrounded by trees. Photo: Tuoi Tre Apricot blossoms are the most common houseplants on display during this period of time as it is widely believed that the flourishing of the plant indicates a household’s prosperity in the upcoming year. The river is covered in shadows of the big red-leafed Idian almond trees, commonly found in the area, while the banks of the river are covered with golden trumpet flowers. In other ancient villages in Vietnam such as Duong Lam Village in Hanoi or Phuoc Tich Village in Hue City, the old houses usually lie next to each other. An Indian-almond tree is located by the river. Photo: Tuoi Tre However, Dong Hoa Hiep Village distinguishes itself by having the houses scattered across the village with green trees, yards, and grass surrounding them as if they were all in one big beautiful national park. Currently, there are seven ancient houses from 150 to 220 years old, and 29 ancient houses of 80 to 100 years old in Dong Hoa Hiep. One of the most highly recommended ancient houses… [Read full story]


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