EU diplomats oppose Trump on Jerusalem

 EU diplomats in the Middle East oppose Donald Trump on Jerusalem  The EU counter-measures were put forward in a confidential report filed by EU states’ ambassadors in East Jerusalem and Ramallah, in Israeli-occupied Palestine, after Trump unilaterally recognized Israel’s claim to Jerusalem in December. The report said EU countries should agree that Europe will continue to respect the international consensus that Jerusalem should be shared by Israel and Palestine as part of a two-state solution. The report added that EU countries should also ensure that the location of their diplomatic missions remains until the final status of Jerusalem is resolved. The report collected several new recommendations to prevent Trump’s unilateral plan. It urged EU governments to push their line on Jerusalem in all bilateral and multilateral contacts to oppose Israeli laws and alter the city’s status, and to consider development of further actions on distinguishing between the territory of the state of Israel and the occupied territories.


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