Exports in January set new record

Of the figure, export value reached US$20.22 billion, up 41% against the same period last year or US$5.88 billion. The export growth was mainly attributed to the increases of key export items like garment and textile up 25%, or US$278 million; computers and electronics up 21%, equivalent to US$225 million, machinery and spare parts up 24.6%, or US$134 million. However, phone exports dropped by 13.6%, equivalent to US$287 million. Meanwhile, imports soared 51.9.5% to US$20.04 billion on year-on-year basis. Key imports include petrol (up 137.5% or US$339 million), machinery (up 11.3%, equivalent to US$156 million), and plastics (up 16.3%, or US$57 million./. By Thuy Dung


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