Finance Ministry asked to implement tasks from year’s beginning

While working with the ministry’s leaders in Hanoi on February 26, the NA leader praised the ministry for maintaining the State budget and proposing policies and laws related to finance and budget collection-spending management. In 2017, budget overspending, public and foreign debts were controlled, financial disciplines were ensured and the financial policy was tightened, she said. NA Chairwoman addressing the meeting. Photo: Obviously, budget overspending declined thanks to the implementation of the national five-year mid-term financial plan in 2016-2020, she noted. As the MoF will be the only agency in charge of public debt management from July 2018, Chairwoman Ngan asked the ministry to actively coordinate with relevant agencies to well perform this task. She also required the ministry to improve the management of incomes from equitisation and divestment, reorganise businesses under its management, enhance the management of budget collections under the law, and limit financial funds to focus resources on the State budget. Minister Dinh Tien Dung affirmed that in the coming time, his ministry will continue to tighten financial disciplines and resolutely maintain national financial plans, considering it an important mission, while effectively implementing Resolution No. 25/2016/QH14 on the national five-year financial plan in the 2016-2020 period. The ministry will restructure its apparatus in the fields of tax, treasury and customs right from the year’s beginning, he added. Source: VNA


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