Gold shops prepare for surge on God of Wealth Day

Gold shops are stocking various products to take advantage of the huge demand on the God of Wealth Day, which falls on the 10th day of the Lunar New Year (February 25). Legend has it that the God of Wealth returns to heaven on the 10th day, and so Vietnamese have a tradition of buying some gold for good luck and prosperity throughout the year. In addition to traditional products such as figurines representing the God of Wealth and those with Phuc (Happiness), Loc (Prosperity) Tai (Wealth) and Tho (Longevity) written on them, gold companies have also launched a variety of other items featuring the dog since it is now the Year of the Dog. As usual, Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ) has launched figurines of the animal representing the year, golden dogs, made of 24k gold and weighing two taels (a teal equals 37.5g) each, which are expected to be a best seller. It has also launched Phuc-Loc Tho figurine sets and gold pieces with Phuc-Loc Tho written on one side and a dog figure on the other in various weights as well as jewellery sets for young customers. Other major players like DOJI, Sacombank Jewelry Company (Sacombank -SBJ) and Sai Gon Jewelry Company Limited (SJC) have also launched new products on the occasion. Sacombank -SBJ offers 24k products in blister packing, including pieces inscribed with an image of the God of Wealth; gold coins inscribed with the images of the 12 zodiac animals, Maitreya, and Phuc,… [Read full story]


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