Government tightens diplomatic car imports

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue has asked ministries to strengthen the management of temporary import of cars of individuals who enjoy privileges and tax exemptions in Vietnam. Illustrative photo According to the General Department of Customs, in addition to the import of cars through commercial orders of domestic businesses, there are thousands of cars that are annually imported under privileges and exemptions by embassies, foreign diplomatic missions and international agencies or organisations operating in Vietnam. Hue’s request was sent out to the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Public Security and Transport. He asked the ministries to strictly penalise the abusive action of importing cars for commercial purposes and propose amendments and supplements to current regulations to enhance State management and compliance with real requirements. Currently, imported vehicles under privileges and exemptions are provided with a foreign number plate and are exempted from taxes and fees. These vehicles are under the management of foreign organisations and individuals in Vietnam. There are three groups of subjects that are allowed to temporarily import autos without incurring any fee — diplomatic missions, consult offices and representative agencies of international organisations in Vietnam. They enjoy privileges and exemptions in accordance with international rulings that Vietnam is committed to. In addition to this, diplomatic officials, administrative and technical staff members of diplomatic missions, consulars and officials of Vietnam-based international organisations also enjoy similar privileges and immunities under international treaties which Vietnam has signed or acceded to. Because of such a large scale of preferences and immunity,… [Read full story]


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