Hanoi night Pho vendor

For the past 30 years, a Pho vendor in Hanoi has been serving customers between 3-6 am. A Pho stall serves customers between 3-6am Beef noodle soup Pho is a popular dish in Vietnam and Hanoi Pho restaurants claim to have the best and most authentic recipes. It is a familiar scene that many Pho restaurants in Hanoi are always crowded during breakfast time. But a small stall in Hang Chieu Street is no less busy despite its strange opening time. For the past 30 years, the anonymous Pho stall which opens at 3 am when most people sleep and closes at 6 am when the city wakes up. I set the alarm clock at 5.30am on a recent cold winter morning and rushed to the stall but the owner, a middle-aged woman, smiled friendly telling me that she had sold out and inviting me to come another day. Already familiar with the media, she said, “If you want to take some photos, you should come at 4 am when we are busiest.” The Pho stall is very simple which the woman carries here in just two hangers and a shoulder pole. A large pot containing Pho broth is put on a coal stove in a hanger while noodles, beef, and some other ingredients are put on the other together with small stools, bowls, spoon and chopsticks. The stall owner said that this kind of Pho vendor was very familiar in the past but now only she has continued. “I… [Read full story]


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